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Repair the exterior of your piano

We can do structural repairs to your piano and can repair the finish to your piano. We do not work on the musical mechanisms and do not tune pianos. We don't move pianos. We don't strip and refinish pianos.


We do repairs for the local piano dealership, AB Stephens Music Company. We have attended the Steinway finish repair course in New York City.

Structural repairs we've done:

 • Repair or replace broken or loose legs

 • Repair or replace broken or bent hinges

 • Repair music racks

Leaders in the industry

We are the only repair firm (to the best of our knowledge) in the Huntsville metro area which work on Polyester finishes. Polyester finishes are those finishes that look really thick, super high gloss and plastic-looking. Many polyester finishes are black ebony.

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Piano finish repairs we've done:

• We can hand-rub and buff-out a worn finish to bring back the gloss

• We can repair deep scratches (you can feel with your fingernail) and chips to polyester finishes

• We can repair scratches, gouges, and wear to lacquer finishes

• We can repair/replace brass emblems and logo’s

Bring the music back with fast and affordable piano repairs

Man repairing a piano Piano that needs repair Customer Satisfaction damaged piano piano refinish